Unable to access from Teams Desktop app

One common issue with Microsoft Teams is the inability to access from the desktop app. Usually it is not a problem of out Teams organization as Polispace, but of the application itselft.

What to do 

Possible solutions are:

  • check that you actually have a Microsoft account connected to your PoliSpace email. Remeber that the Microsoft/Teams account is not created automatically, but you need to create it yourself with your PoliSpace email
  • if you are using the Teams app with more than one account, try logging out of all other accounts if possible, and keep only the Polispace one
  • log in on a web browser (or in the mobile app) with your PoliSpace Microsoft account credentials
  • uninstall the desktop app and reinstall it

Sometimes it could be a temporary issue with Microsoft servers, and it should be solved in a couple of hours.

If you still cannot access your account and are unable to log in on other devices, or if you cannot see Polispace's Teams channels, submit a ticket here.

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