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GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere.

Polispace has its own GitHub organization (, which is currently using the GitHub Free for organization plan. 


How to join

In order to join PoliSpace’s organization, you will have to create a GitHub account first ( see Signing up for a new GitHub account).

To request access to the organization, please fill out this form.

After giving us your username, you will receive an email with an invitation that you will need to accept in order to be added.

Once you become part of the organization, you will be able to access it from your own GitHub profile (without needing any extra credentials), by going to your profile icon on the top right.


GitHub for organizations has the following features:

  • possibility to work with unlimited collaborators
  • have unlimited public repositories with a full feature set
  • have unlimited private repositories with a limited feature set
  • GitHub Community Support
  • Team discussions
  • Team access controls for managing groups
  • 2,000 GitHub Actions minutes
  • 500MB GitHub Packages storage
  • all the features available with GitHub Free for user accounts

The organization is divided into teams working on different projects.

Every team has its own home page that can be edited and updated.

In a team, you can be either a member or a team maintainer (you can check your role in the Organizations page in your personal profile).


As a member, you can:

A team maintainer is like a normal member, but has some extra permissions, like the ability to add and remove members from its team, and editing the settings of the team (see also About team maintainers).

If you want more information about GitHub and GitHub organizations, check out the official documentation here.

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